Why I’m Addicted To You: The Top 4 Reasons I Write.

Me in the tour bus...mirrors on the ceiling.....
Me in the tour bus…mirrors on the ceiling…..

We barely slept.

The rehearsal space is jam packed of pretty costumes, glittery props, feather headpieces, vintage top hats, clip boards of medical forms…

the backyard has golden painted wheelchairs that I did, and hand painted signs that Emilie did
while the sun moved across the sky and gave away to night.

And here I am.
Writing this blog bleary eyed….
because it’s our day together.
I made this promise to you over a year and a half ago –
and in all of it,
through holidays, road trips, Kickstarters, tours, wildness, sadness, happiness…
I show up every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday…
because I said I would.

And because I’m addicted to you.

I AM a Danger Addict.

I rolled over this morning with Jack White singing on my alarm
makeup from yesterday still on
Josh lying next to my couch bed on a blow up mattress.

“I have to write today, and I have no idea what to write about.”

Josh is one of my favorite writers.
He makes me be honest and raw.
He gets to the guts of the story.

And then I thought…..

I’m writing because I HAVE to write.
There is something in me that needs it.
My life has been better since committing to being here three days a week.

So I asked myself why… and this is what I came up with:

To Make a Connection.

I write so I don’t feel alone. I write because even in some of my craziest or weirdest thoughts, there will be someone in the comments that says – I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! Or other people will start telling their experiences and sharing with each other and suddenly I feel like a community forms.

What would you like to share and find others out there with the same experience as you?

To Share a Slice of Life That Is Unique To You.

I asked Josh why he wrote, and he said it was because no one can write like him – because he’s the only one that has had experiences he’s had, the same way that I can only write like I write, and you can only write like you write.

I love reading stories about other people’s experiences and adventures – doing things I might never do. It gives me a peek into other worlds through their eyes.

And then this week, I can give you a peek on what touring in the Warped Tour for a wild week look like. YAY!

What’s something unique about your world that you can share with others? Even if you live in the middle of nowhere – talk about that! That could be really interesting in ways that you take for granted.

To Share Advice or Tips That You Learned That Might Help Others.

While I’m on the road and away from my awesome guitar teachers, I have been googling how to play certain songs – to keep up with my guitar practice and keep moving forward. While it doesn’t take the place of in-person lessons, this has been crucial in my learning.

I also regularly look up my friend Alise Marie’s blog to find Vegan Recipes to cook for dinner or lunch.

I learn alot from the damn internet.

I write tips here that I think might help others…
things that I just discovered that makes my life easier, things that I post that I wish the me from 5 years ago would have known.

What would you want to teach the You from 5 years ago?

To Express Yourself.

Sometimes things have happened in the media and the world that I get heated about and I want to express myself about. Having a blog gives me a voice to talk about things going on the world that are important to me. It also helps me spread the word about artists I love and causes I believe in.

What do you want to share with the world?

If you have a blog, please share your site below or answer one of the questions above. Curious to hear what you have to say.

AND speaking of sharing experiences – my friend Kitty Cavalier is launching her book, Sacred Seduction today!  Go check it out.  She’s got lots to share.

Off to the wild WARPED TOUR!
I’ll be blogging from the road….
I’m addicted.


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