True Story: I Have A Tattoo On My Face and 12 Other Tattoos Ideas I LOVE.

It’s a love/hate relationship.

I love one.
I hate the other.

I went under the tattoo gun right after we filmed the trailer for Revolver.
Joe Dulude, our makeup artist, penciled in a beauty mark by my eye, 10 years ago.
I lived on the road. Traveled cross country.
Got in a car chase in a junk yard.
Got in a bar brawl.
Robbed a store in a blue latex dress.
On film.
It was the best day of my life.
I couldn’t wash that magic mark off – it represented doing what I love and living life wild on fire.
I wasn’t born with a beauty mark….so I’ll create my own.

I love it.
It’s my own magic symbol.

The other I h-a-t-e.
My punk rock straightedge boyfriend when I was 17 drew it on a piece of paper with lyrics to a song about me.
He said I was beautiful like the rose and strong like the dagger.
I got it tattooed on my hip during bike week in Daytona Beach.
I came home and he got it tattooed on his arm.
Five days later, his dad got it tattooed on his arm.
You can’t make this shit up.
So in a span of 7 days, my awesome rebellious tattoo was the dumbest thing on the face of the planet.
If I have my way, you will never see it.

And yet…
I’ve been fiending lately.
Thinking about getting another one.
I know so many people with amazing tattoos – but I decided to pull my favs off the internet of ideas I’d get.

This magic symbol of the Vodou goddess of love, Erzulie.
It is one of my favorite magic symbols to work with.

The moon. Simple and beautiful.

My favorite card of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck.

While we’re on tarot… 2 others from that deck that I adore as tattoos:

This is a quote from Vonnegut in the novel “Slaughterhouse Five”. He imagines this is a good tombstone for his character, Billy and also for himself. When I read this book, my house had just burned to the ground…and I thought this would be a good tattoo.

Pretty twig finger tattoo. Fingers are magic – love the decoration.


I love the straight lines and simplicity of this one.

Beautiful rib tattoo that curves and decorates.

Alchemy Symbols

Words are my drug of choice.
Do you have a tattoo? What are the wild stories that came with it?
Post your tattoos and tattoo ideas in the comments, I wanna peek.
In permanent ink.


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