Magic Monday: A Wild One Card Tarot Reading From Me To You = ADVENTURE, BLACK BEARS and a NEW SONG!

Speaking of adventure…as I’m typing this post on my porch…..
Twin baby black bears just walked right in front of me to play!!!!!!!!!! This happened seconds ago!

Yeah. That happened.

Back to our regular broadcasting:
Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.29.20 AM
My tarot cards are wrapped in antique lace, there are dirt smudges on them that will never come out from all the times I’ve brought them to the forest with me to read them, and they carry the enchanting scent of wild orange oil.

Danger Addicts, may I give you a reading this morning?
A one-card truth?

Yesterday, I woke up to the sunshine streaming in my room and the tarot cards under my pillow.
My hands reached for the antique lace and my bare feet walked down the wooden stairs of Curiosa.
I opened up the hobbit door and all the sunshine flooded in.

I shuffled for all of us on my favorite spot on the porch while the birds sang their song and the dragonflies laid down in the sun.
And this is what the cards revealed for you:
One of my favorite cards of the deck.
For those of you who join me in the Parlour sometimes, this has been a card that comes up often.
For those of you who are super brand new to tarot, let me give you a reading…..

The fool is all about new beginnings, throwing yourself into adventure without thinking of the consequences or obstacles.
It is that innocence that you have from childhood, that belief that you can do anything you want, and the mindset of having never been told no before.
This card says:
You are PURE potential.

Your Tarot Assignment for this week – if you choose to take it:

Is about throwing yourself into adventure…trying something new…..having fun with that childlike abandon and the feeling that nothing can possibly stand in your way.

Adventure is around you….even in places that you might not expect.
What does your heart want you to do? Listen to it and take a chance.

I did this:

The other night, inspired by jamming with Maggie Maggots, I started making up a song and lyrics by the fireplace.
Burke was headed up to bed and asked me what the last song I was playing with the lyrics “Take Me With You….”
It was just a song I made up.
He wanted me to play it again – and I couldn’t really remember all the made up words – but I knew the music I had written and melody.
It was basically a song about falling in love with a green haired mermaid and having to decide between living without her or being with her and drowning.

Then I pulled on my vegan Docs for an adventure and got them muddy hiking up Overlook Mountain with my friends.
After a 3 mile trek up steep uphill – this was my reward:

The abandoned creepy hotel as the sun sets….

Being there always makes me feel like a like kid.
My imagination running wild.

Last time I was there, I stuck my hand up the fireplace that goes nowhere and there was a secret box with charms and notes in it that people left behind.
I took off my thrift store necklace and added it to the collection, wrote a note and put it back in its spot.
It wasn’t there anymore…
it’s hidden somewhere new I suppose.

What wild adventures await you this week?
How can you let your imagination play and come up with new things?
How can you let that child-like side of you really rock out this week?

Tell me in the comments what you commit to doing!
Let’s all stage dive into this gorgeous week together.
Happy Magic Monday.


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