The 1 Tip Guaranteed to Help You Rock out Your Life and Never Give Up.

Look at a childhood photo of yourself.

That little 4 year old me – bright eyes, fists raised, triumphant – has encouraged me and pushed me through my darkest times.

I say I don’t care what other people think – but that’s a lie.
I care about what the 4 year old version of me would think about me more than anything.

She is my guide to pushing through to the life I always dreamed of.
She is the reason I push on through life dreams that can sometimes be scary and intimidating.
She is the reason that I kept going for our Revolver funding even though we had 99% odds against us….
She is the reason I keep up playing guitar because it makes me happy and the 4 year old me would think it was pretty damn cool that she plays guitar when she grows up.

When I was 4….my imagination ruled me.
Nothing was impossible.
Give me a rock to play on and imaginary friends and I’d give you an epic adventure to other worlds.
Now….When I feel like giving up,
when I’m confused or have doubt,
I think….What would 4 year old me do?

And now as Burke and I are in the Pre-Production phase of our indie film, Revolver (pssst…..”like” us here and check out the weird wish list of things we need you to help scavenge)
and as we leap into the unknowns of our dream with passion and fervor (and sometimes fear
she has been beside me the whole time to encourage me, pick me up and make me believe.

All I want to do in my life – is make that little 4 year old proud….
I want her to be proud that she grew up to be me.

Share your childhood photos in the comments. I would love to see them!
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What would your 4 year old self want you to do?


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