The EX Files: 6 Tips to Get OVER Your Ex and Mend Your Broken Heart

In the past 24 hours, you’ve smeared enough eyeliner and cried enough to keep Kleenex in business for the next decade.
I feel you, Babe.

Whether you’ve had a romantic breakup or a friend breakup, getting back to “normal” can be difficult.
Rebuilding your life without a person you’ve put your trust and heart into can feel, well…empty.
Resist the urge to slash his tires or post her cell number all over the Craigslist Personals.

Just remember these 6 words:

Here’s my tips to punch post-breakup depression in the face and let the sadness walk out the door with your ex.

1. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Social Media Stalk Your Ex.

Block them, delete their contact from your phone, hurl your computer from a hotel balcony if need be – kill the urge to check up on them or send drunken texts by getting rid of all of their social contacts.

YOU, however, should act as though your Ex is social media snooping your world and proceed to post tons of pictures about all the awesome adventures you are having without them. Don’t make these adventures up – actually go out and have them. That’s what’s called a Win/Win Situation.

2. Call Your Friends Up To Host a Pint of Ice Cream/Movie Night At Your Place.

Why cry alone into a pint of ice cream when you can do it with friends? Call your best friends and ask everyone to bring a pint of ice cream with them and a sappy movie suggestion. Sometimes it’s easier to get the “cry” out if it’s watching a fictional drama on Netflix with your best friends.

3. Treadmill and Bitch.

This was invented after a friend of mine was going through a hard time and I wasn’t in the best of places either. We made a rule that we weren’t allowed to “bitch” unless we were on the treadmill. We both got way more toned and we “walked” away and sometimes ran away from our sadness – literally.

4. Perform An Exorcism – Get Rid of Things (or Hide Things) That Remind You of Them.

That cute stuffed animal he gave you on that first date?
The bracelet she made for you to wear?
Or if you can’t bear to part with those mementos – stash them away in a box and put in the far back reaches of your closet.
Resist the urge to have your room turn into some sort of Museum of Broken Relationships.  (Thank you, Veruca Salt.)

5. Go on Some Kind of New Adventure.

Whether that adventure is walking down the street to the thrift store and snagging a $10 dress that looks hot on you, or if it’s filling up your gas tank and just driving without a map….go do SOMETHING else. New adventures can help spark new friendships, new loves and best of all, a new perspective.

6. Get a Wild Hobby Now That That Loser Isn’t Taking Up All Your Damn Time.

Admit it. You were hooked on them like bad drugs. Now that you are kicking the habit, you’ve got a window of free time in your world. Always wanted to learn a new language? Learn how to play guitar? Start a blog? Collect records? Learn salsa? Now’s your chance!
Growing and getting better every day will help you move on from the pain and heartache and instead help you celebrate new victories in your own self-love and discovery.

As RuPaul would say…. “Can I get an AMEN?”

SOUND OFF: How have you recovered from a break up or a broken heart in the past?  
Share in the comments and let’s have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s together.
P.S. Thank you for the anonymous request for this post. Sending you a hug, Girl. xo


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