Irresponsible Monday: How To Completely Eff It Up And LOVE IT.

I rolled out of bed and turned on my vintage record player I scored at the flea market on Saturday.
David Bowie sang about Fame.
I looked at the reflection of the bluest sky in the blackest vinyl of the record.
And I thought all I want is this day…  right now.

That full moon put its spell on me last night.
It made me tilt my head back and howl.
It made me pluck my black marker-ed fingernails to the strings of a guitar from 1948.
It made me toss my body this way and that around a fire.
It made me call up the wood spirits in a wishing circle.
The moon was my witness to everything.

She whispered to me all night until she peeked behind a colored sky as the sun rose and took her place.

That is why, today, the moon deemed this holiday of Irresponsible Monday.
Responsibility be DAMNED.

I challenge you to do something wildly irresponsible today.

Go get it.
And take a picture of it and share it in the comments.
Or don’t. And just seal it in the beauty of your memory of a great day when you just said -fuck it.


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