Adventures on the Open Road: Ghosts, Fashion and WanderLUST

I woke up like this.
Curled in the back of a rental van in a truck stop parking lot in Wyoming.
Give me adventure.
Give me this wild life of open roads.
I was born with wanderLUST.
 Black schoolgirl skirt. Worn yesterday, slept in, why take off?
Super Cute “Kim Boekbinder Believes In Me” Shirt. What else do I need?
Oh. Plastic purple bow barrette that I found in a drug store out here. Hell yes.

Something That I’ve Never Seen Before in My Lifetime:
A field of sunflowers as far as I could see.
“My afterlife looks something like this,” I told him as I drove.
Once when I was battling sadness, I went on a walk and found a 6 foot tall sunflower. I walked up to it and put my face against its face and kissed it – and somehow…everything seemed better afterwards.
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.19.19 PM
I drove 400 miles today.
I took the back roads because things get more interesting there.
We found the hidden, the lost, the abandoned.
I played my guitar for the ghosts.
They whispered words into my ear and I sang them aloud.
They pointed us further West to find the other places that will make Revolver come alive.
We wandered further.


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