Road Trip Adventures: Lost, Ghost Towns and Abandoned Railroads


In the last 48 hours, I crossed “lying-in-the-gutter-on-Route-66” off my bucket list.

I also saw a wild coyote for the first time in my life.

The road has been magic.
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Saturday night, we were out on the deserted plains of the Salton Sea near a Heron’s nest.

I took a branch and scrawled a magic symbol in the sand and put a rainbow candle in the middle of it, under the stars, and send out good things for all of you that have been with us in some way or another in our journey.

If you’re reading this…. it was about you.

The Herons called out under the stars.

Burke said, “Why do we want for Heaven so badly, when it can be all around us?”
The road has been good.

We looked for the abandoned.

We drove for half a day out into the middle of nowhere.

Places where there was only Burke, me and everyone who had ever been put into the Witness Protection Program.

Speaking of “Ghost Towns”…
Today’s blog has a soundtrack to listen to as you read.

This is one of my favorite people on earth, Kim Boekbinder.

photo by JB Knibbs
photo by JB Knibbs

On Facebook, she asked for 2 words from people and she would write a 1-minute song for one.

I submitted the two words: “Ghost Town”.

She wrote this to me – and I got to hear it right before we lost reception….

It broke my heart with its brilliance – and you should listen to it while you read the rest of this blog. (And Danger Diary readers and fellow adventurers can download it for free in the next 24 hours only. Thanks, Kim!).

We pushed further out into the desert.

There was an old abandoned railroad line we needed to find for a chase scene.

We twisted down dirt roads not seeing anyone for hours….

going further and further in.


The sun beat down.

The dirt roads dead ended on us.

The flooding had made some impassable.

We would take another turn.

Turn back.

Dead end.

Turn back again.

Washed out roads.

Turn back again.

The sun came down harder and mocked us.



No cell reception.

Caught in the middle of abandoned roads and ghosts.

We found our railroad.

Surrounded by cross marker graves dotted along the terrain.

I went out and sang for them in this lonely place.


Some kind of deep fear took me.

Shook me to the core.

I take chances – I pick up hitchhikers, I roam abandoned places, I trespass regularly, I sleep on stranger’s floors and in parking lots.

But this…

Being in the wide open

in the middle of nowhere

sun beating down

dead ends

washed out roads

nobody for miles but the dead

summoned up this deep rooted panic.

I am certain


that somewhere in this world

there is a bunch of bleached out bones

in the desert

that once belonged




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