The Poster That I Didn’t Lose My Virginity Over and Other Weird Things

Photo by Lisa Beebe.
I ran 4 and 1/2 miles.
There was a record store at the end of it.
Albums have stories attached to them.
My fingers found one I wasn’t expecting.

Psychedelic Furs – Talk Talk Talk
Note: Song number 3 “I Wanna Sleep With You”.

I’m 17.
He’s dyed black hair, moody and 21.
He makes mix tapes. He puts cigarettes out on his arm.
He notices me when I feel invisible.
He nicknamed me “Heroin” because he says I’m addictive and I’ll probably end up killing him.
He’s known me for 3 weeks.

He calls.
You need to sneak out tonight. I’ll pick you up at the park and have you back by 5am. Nobody needs to know.

I can’t.

Come on. If you come, I’ll give you that rare Furs poster that I got with the album in London. The one over my bed. It’s yours. Come get it.

I hesitate. It’s a cool poster.
Wait. What? Fuck that. No.
I can’t.

You’re a baby.

There’s a click and I’m holding a phone in my hand.
He talked to me twice after that.
Within a month,
he slept with my friend
and moved away.
I feel like a baby.

Fast forward to Record Store. Brooklyn. 2014.
The album is in my hands.
Poster Included – the tag reads.

The poster I didn’t lose my virginity over
is finally mine.


Man. Being 17 was so weird.
Anybody ever try to give you a poster for your virginity?
Share in the comments.

PS:  I got so many compliments about the Bikini Kill dress in the comments.  Thanks!  I’m all about supporting indie-designers and this one is one of my favorites.  I got it over at Vera’s Eye Candy – she’s got some badass style and designs.


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