My Tarot Deck – Your Card

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.55.31 AM
In my deck….there is a card waiting for you.

This deck of magic tarot cards have traveled with me
from tour in New Orleans in 2009 to New York City in early 2013.
They have seen the world and were constant companions of mine.
They know first-hand about love, adventure, travel.
They have been thrown down in tour buses, in little cafes, on hotel bedspreads.
And for the last year they have been sitting on my altar.
They want a new adventure.
Would you like one?

Let me pick one for you.
I’ll write down the description on parchment paper.
And send it to you
to keep forever on your adventures.

Perfect to frame, add to your own deck, put on your magic altar or give as a present.
First come, first serve….
Click Here.

Thank you to Michelle Benz for the graphic design. xo


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