Your Own BADASS Handbook Zine and Theme Song for 2015!

I have wanted to do this since I was 13 years old.
At 2am this morning, partner-in-crime – Kim Boekbinder and I pose with our ZINE!
We wrote it for the New Year…a bit of a wild workbook, kickass guide and punk rock cheerleader for all of your world domination plans in 2015.

You can take us with you on all your adventures!
We sang a courage spell song for you.
Our voices entwined in the quiet of a late East Village night…
and we recorded this beautiful song that Kim wrote.

Making this zine with Kim and singing together was something I’ve wanted to do for so long and I was so excited about it – I was jumping up and down on two broken toes and didn’t even care.
THAT’S how happy I am.
We want this to get in the hands of everyone because we poured so much love into it….so we are making available 2 different limited editions:
one is an awesome regular New Year’s version
one is a deluxe double New Year’s version with a Poloroid picture for YOU
and EVERYBODY gets the song whether you get the zine or not.
We love you guys.
Send these things to your friends! Your enemies! Your Mom (she loves us!), Your Uncle Al (he hates us, but he seriously doesn’t need another tie this holiday), People who need a boost! People who love zines! People who love best friends! People who love adventure and intrigue!
They will only be sold until December 10th
and then they are gone forever.
The magic starts here –
click here to see it ALL.
Making it HAPPEN!


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