How To Accessorize for the Holidays For Under $5.

Confession: Half of the things I own, I got off the fine streets of Brooklyn.
They know me by my first name at the local thrift/buy/sell/trade clothing place down the street.

As a performer for a living, some lucky days I can dine at the Ritz, and some days I’m rocking a PBJ on a paper towel for dinner.

You know what I’m talking about.

And holidays can be stressful as fuck because well…presents, parties, and you gotta look GOOD enough to keep em’ talking, girl.

The secret is how you hold yourself and how you adorn yourself.
You can make a $2 thrift dress look like it’s off the runway with a few simple things.
I did a $5 accessory challenge in the past and if you haven’t seen it…
well ain’t no time like the present:


My mission: to make a vintage accessorized look for less than $5.

This is what I found at my local thrift store’s jewelry ‘junk’ drawer:
♥  Broken Faux Pearl Necklace: 75 cents
♥  One clip-on earring (other one missing): free
♥  Bronze chain: $1.50
♥  Costume jewelry rings that don’t fit my fingers: $2.00
Total Damage: $4.25

Now let’s create a Vintage Bohemian Goddess Look – it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Take broken necklace, drape across your head and add bobby pins to secure- instant bohemian crown.  Serve up some 1920s REALNESS.

Picture 26

2.  Take the one clip-on earring and clip to front of dress for instant vintage high glamour.

Picture 223.   Take chain and string a bunch of costume jewelry rings on it.  I additionally added one costume jewelry ring of my Grandma Helen’s and one costume jewelry piece that Burke gave to me.

Picture 24

And voila – the completed look:

Oh and PS – beyond the accessories which cost me under $5 – I snagged the vintage peach slip for $8 – bringing the entire outfit AND accessories to $12.25.

Hell yes.  Mama’s got rent to pay and adventures to have.  I can’t be spending all my cash on clothes.

Did you like these ideas?  Wanna see more fashion features from me in the future?  Let me know.  I wanna spill secrets that are most helpful to you.

Got thrift store secrets of your own?  Hit me in the comments!


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