The 28 Day Danger Diary Instagram Photo Challenge

In my last post, I asked you what inspired you…
and several of you answered that seeing photos from around the world on Instagram inspired you to create, to dream and to kick ass.

I am bringing back the Danger Diary Photo Challenge
because I want to see what you have to share.
Please put your instagram name in the comments if you want to join in, so I can follow you and others in the Danger Diary Community can follow you, too!
Use the hashtag: #dangerdiarychallenge so that everyone can find you!
I’m starting my 28 Day Challenge on Sunday, February 1st, but you can start at any time.

Can’t wait to see what wild beautiful images swirl around you….
February (2)
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And if you haven’t seen this random “newscast” that Burke and I did on his instagram… you probably should:

A video posted by Burke Heffner (@burkeheffner) on


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