4 Easy and Unique Ways To Make Your Work Space Inspire Creativity

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Hello, Danger Addicts!

The Danger Diary is back on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule to feed your habit.
Thanks for getting your fix with me. 
I’ve been working on several writing projects, and since I’ve switched up my home workspace, I feel like my creativity has been soaring and I wanted to pass on what’s worked for me that might help you guys out, too.
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Studies have shown that sunlight boosts the serotonin levels naturally in our bodies which means: instant elevated mood and a jump in creativity as well as energy.
Hell to the yes.
My little Brooklyn garden kitchen (and writing workspace shown above) was transformed with a large vintage street-find mirror to catch that Southern facing light. A simple strand of circle mirrors hangs in my window and bounces the light all over my workspace.
Instant brightness boost.

Plants create life in your creative space – boosting oxygen levels and helping us think more clearly as a result. Plants help decrease stress levels naturally.
Got a black thumb?
No problem.
These plants are super easy to care for (ask your local plant place):
Jade Plant, English Ivy, Fiddleleaf Fig, Philodendron, Peperomia and Succulents.
I get my plants at local Brooklyn favorite, combo plant-shop-and-coffee-house, Homecoming.
This photo is from their inspiring Instagram account:
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Pick 5 small things to get inspired by and put them in your workspace.
I love my sparkly violet amethyst stone and the phantom crystal my Dad found for me that makes rainbows with the light.
I also have pretty vintage hardbound books on display in my writing space, as well as candles and chimes.
All of these together help create a mood that inspires me.
Tip: Make sure to pick around 5 objects or less. You don’t want too much clutter in your creative space.

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I spend a lot of time on my computer – writing the Danger Diary and teaching The Parlour every week.
Now when I open my computer, this pop of color of Van Gogh’s Starry Night makes me smile and gets me in that creative mode.
There’s tons of cool computer skins out there on Etsy.
It’s like painting your computer for a fresh new look.

Now it’s your turn!
What ways have you made your space boost your creativity?
Share in the comments.
And as always, if you like my posts, I’d be honored if you shared with your friends.
Hell yes.


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