Your Witchy Wednesday 3 Card Tarot Reading!

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My Danger Darlings…
This one is for you.
I am sitting in my sunny little garden spot in the Brooklyn,
looking at the magic doodles of Lauren Michelle
and the cards were calling to me….

This is what they said:

9 of Cups: The WISH CARD!

When this gorgeous card is thrown into the deck, it means that your “wish” will come true. But I had to keep going – I wanted to know what wishes were coming true…. so I kept throwing the cards.

8 of Pentacles.

I adore this card. It is all about the current creative webs we are weaving! This is creative/passionate work we are focused on. We are learning as we go, but we are doing it and making beautiful things happen, taking forward steps AND we are open to learning and growing more.

What creative passion projects of yours are you ready to continue to master, to grow and to excel in?

The Fool.

The Fool says “Let’s Go On An Adventure!” That little chick baby is ready to take on the world, and is FEARLESS. The Fool doesn’t know what obstacles even are! The Fool keeps going and believes the best will come. The Fool is you at your purest and greatest potential.

The Story of these cards together is:

Luck is on your side right now – leave the past in the past.
Take action and continue to move forward focusing on a creative project that you hold dear to your heart.
It is time for a whole brand new adventure for you and your juicy creative side.
Time to go for it.
The World will recognize what you have to offer.
I know that I do.


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