How Would You Respond?

I am a curious thing.

If you have spent any time with me in real life, or if you’ve ever taken a class with me… then you know, that asking questions is MY JAM.

And I’m not talking about what you think about the weather questions.

I like to dig.

When the New York Times covered an article about the 36 Questions To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You… I breezed through them and thought they were interesting, but they needed more imagination.

I like story questions, hypothetical questions.
I think they disarm the person I’m asking, and the person tends to answer more honestly than if I just delivered a straight question.

On my Facebook page, I used to ask a Danger Diary question of the week, and it was one of the most popular regular posts that I ever did.

And you answered honestly.
And I got to know more about you.
And maybe you got to know a little bit more about you, too.

Burke is working on a show, and he gave me 15 personal questions to answer so he could develop a customized photoshoot for me based on my answers.

I realized that their were questions he asked that seemed like I had a “standard” answer to, but when I really looked at them, I realized over time, my answers had changed.  And I liked the reasons why.

I’m going to try a new feature here on Mondays called Danger Diary Question of the Week.

We can start off the week, with an intriguing trigger to the story of you.

Use the hashtag #dangerdiaryquestion on Twitter so I can find your answers, or you can answer below……


My answer?
I’d live among the ghosts of the famed Chelsea Hotel.
I’d be in good company.
On the legendary hallway walls, I’d scrawl my diary and my stories and old spells from my Grandma Helen.
I’d sleep in the pyramid on the very top of the Chelsea and on summer nights, I’d drag silks and pillows to the observation deck of the Empire State Building 11 blocks away and sleep under the stars watching the quiet, lit city below.

Now it’s Your Turn.
Where would you live?


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