How To Not Die Of Boredom: 3 Solid Tips!

adventureRight now, before you do anything else…..
check the last 5 statuses you’ve put out to the world on Facebook or Twitter.

What do you see?

Now tell me…if you didn’t know you….would you want to hang out with you based on what you’re putting out there?

Would you think you were an exciting or adventurous person?
Or would you think you were angry or bored?

Every day can be a wild adventure if we want to see it that way.

Like that one time that Contessa and I were super depressed, so we threw on matching cheerleading outfits and ended up owning NYC….


Here’s 3 Easy Tips how to turn things around:

1. Seek Out The Story.
You know that boring ass question everybody asks in the beginning of a conversation:

“So….How have you been?”

Your answer doesn’t need to be boring.
Live your life so you can answer that with something that will make them turn their heads or lift their eyebrows.

How do you do that?

I mean….I trespass abandoned places and pick up hitchhikers going to festivals – but you don’t have to get that crazy….


Untitled design (2)

2.  Dare Yourself To Do Something Out Of the Ordinary.
It’s so easy to get caught up in a routine.
It’s so easy to just go out into dinner and then just come home and think of that as a night out.

Do something weird, throw something crazy in the mix, put yourself out there and figure out something a little bit more interactive or fun to do.

TIP:  On tour with Emilie or when Burke and I were living out of a van for a month, no matter how big or small the city we went to was, we’d always hit the independently owned coffeehouses. They almost always have a bulletin board up with shows going on, open mic nights, poetry slams, spelling bees, stitch and bitch circles, meet-ups. If we had a day off, we’d go to one of those posted flyer event things and we had an adventure EVERY TIME.

DARE: Go to your local coffeehouse or bookstore, check out the bulletin boards for events and happenings….go to one.

That time I lived in a van for a month and went on crazy adventures.

3.  A True Adventure Isn’t Over Until It Ends Positively.

A series of events that end negatively are called disasters.
A series of events that end positively are called ADVENTURES.


During a NYC blizzard that had completely covered my car to look like a snow mobile, I spent about an hour digging my car out to get to a gig.

I was over it. My coat was too thin, my car wasn’t working well, and I was about to risk my life to get to a gig that was going to have four people show up. Half way there, I realized in all the craziness of leaving, I didn’t have my music with me and then had to play Burlesque Roulette by dancing to a song I never heard of before.

All of the above spells disaster.

But fuck that, I didn’t want a disaster. I wanted an adventure.

That song that the DJ put on that I didn’t know?
Nina Simone’s “Do I Move You” – which I then incorporated into doing a number to which I still do to this day.

And – the night ended with me and another burlesque girl getting into a snowball fight on the street with some random strangers. We won.

Then we drove home back to Brooklyn together, sliding all over the place on the road and singing along to cheesy Christmas songs and throwing glitter all over.

Now that was an adventure.

Just by changing my attitude about the night….I rode out the disaster phase of the evening into some awesome adventures!

This calls for my favorite Gizmo picture when we passed out on a hotel hallway together.  Must have been that whole eating after midnight thing….


What do you do to escape boredom and have a wild adventure of a life?

Tell me in the comments – and SHARE PICTURES.  I want to see.

Happy Monday!  If you enjoyed this post, please pass it on.  xoxox


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