Treasure Hunts & How To Spark Your Wild Imagination.

Living Wild
Within the last 48 hours, I was lying on my Brooklyn rooftop…..
The city was lit around me.
The Mother of the City, The Empire State Building, was glistening in white.
The moon was hanging in the sky, growing to full.
And while I normally notice these things, I just couldn’t see it.
I was in a mood.

You know that moment when your emotions are so intense, they steal your eyesight?

I was blind to the things around me.
My eyes saw nothing but the thoughts swimming in my head on an imaginary inner screen.

I wasn’t there.
I was 8 million miles away.

Do you go there, too?

I have to trick myself to snap out of it sometimes
and I love to play games
and I love to dare you….

Do you want to play along?

Take 3 photos of interesting things you see today and post in your instagram or twitter with the #dangeradventure so I can find you.

What would you show me?  What would you share with the world about the story that is your life?

Grab my hand….
I’ll take you on an adventure with me.
Take off your shoes, dip your bare feet into the cool stream and follow the stones.
I imagine the small creatures of the forest finding shelter within this mossy tree below.
I imagine writing a secret letter and leaving it inside the tree.
Something like a message in a bottle, but woodsy style.
How long would it take to be found?
And would it ever be found, or would it disintegrate to nothing?
I found faces in this ancient tree.
In the curves of the tree’s lines….stories and mysteries move.
I take you down to the river….to the magical spot where I have sang many a spell.
The raindrops create a song with the river,
and the heaviness has lifted,
the adventure has returned,
the beauty of a world alive
walks with us
barefoot through cool stones and mud,
woven in the story of our days.

Show me your story of today.
Take my hand. I’m ready.


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