Advice Vlog – Dear Danger: “I Am In Love With My Boss!”

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Happy New Moon In Leo!
Today is a perfect day to plant the seeds for new beginnings (for more info on today’s new moon, check out my witch sister, Gala Darling‘s blog).
There are SO MANY NEW things going on over here, People.
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Yesterday, I announced The Parlour ONLINE Beginner Tarot Intensive Course and The Parlour ONLINE Advanced Tarot Intensive Course.

In Brooklyn, I’m holding The Temple of Love at Maha Rose. This is part of my juicy life’s work.

AND we are selling our badass Tour Bus/cross country road trip bus, The Mothership, that we used to shoot Revolver across the US. You can check that out here, you Wild Things…..

AND then there’s DEAR DANGER.

Have you ever had a crush on your boss?  What did you do?


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