The Moon, The Tarot, The Dreams and The Woods: Danger Diary Updates

Rumi poem
My Danger Darlings…
An update.

I have been getting my life, honey.

The moon is almost full and it stirs our wildness deeper.
It is time to throw our heads back and howl.
Time to throw our shoes off and get our bare feet in the mud
and live
and live
and live.

I have been carrying my tarot cards with me everywhere
faithful companions
whispering to me
guiding as a compass would…
on Tuesday,
I will read for you right here…
and your Tarot Horoscopes will be revealed for the month.

Come closer, my Love.

I’ve missed you….
I have been in a dreaming/building/planning time.

♥  I’ve been writing and am close to finishing my tarot book.  (I’ve got a kickass graphic designer who is going to help me make it beautiful.)
♥  I’ve been spending a lot of time with the tarot cards and I am launching my Beginner Tarot course next week (and I’m very proud of it!).
♥  I’ve been performing burlesque more than ever and loving every moment of it.

veronica varlow
Photo by “ProperSecretary” on Instagram

♥  We are getting ready to start shooting Revolver again,
We are tying up all the loose ends of the Kickstarter as we are nearing the end of all the gorgeous prize ship-out/making and doing,
And I’ve been seeing Revolver become more real with all the footage, as we piece together what we have and what we need left.
All of our on the road cross-country is shot and what we were able to capture is stunning.
Watching the majestic sunrises and sunsets in the footage, sets longing in me for the road and all of its beauty….
but all the final scenes are in New York State and City…
and I also look forward to creating those among friends, among the places of my heart, among the streets that I have had a love affair with for so long.

I will be back to blogging again.
Come back on Tuesday and sit for a reading with me.
I love doing that for you….
Then on Friday,
I will be back with Dear Danger….
if you have questions for me – send them here.

And finally,

I lost him 9 years ago yesterday.
I say I lost him, but he hasn’t lost me.
Jeff knows exactly where to find me
and 4 times in the last month,
he showed up in my dreams,
and last night, while I stood in a field covered in moonlight on a mountain,
I talked to the stars
and then in the middle of the night
my hands outstretched above my body…
and the words “Thank you”
came out of my mouth
over and over,
without me even knowing.

Burke told me this morning.
“You looked too happy for me to wake you up…..”


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