Welcome New Moon In Virgo: Time to Slay.

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Me and one of my favorite Virgos of all time, Miss Gala Darling.

The Virgo New Moon is telling it like it is, Lovers.

If I was going to sum up this Virgo New Moon vibe in lyrics of a song, it would be Big Freedia on Beyonce’s Formation track:

“I did not come to play with you hoes, I came to slay, bitch.”

Are you feeling me?

Our lives are stories.  They are unique to us, just like the creases woven in our palms.  They are colored with discoveries and lessons.

This New Moon energy of Virgo is about stripping away things that don’t work, seeing things how they really are and starting fresh on a foundation that is SOLID.  Then using that bold energy and going for it.

Much like when the house burned to the ground in 2011, and most of my history was destroyed, I had to look at things how they were.  That the house was gone, that my things were gone, and that things I thought would be there forever, had disappeared into smoke and ash.  I have always needed “witnesses” for my memories, souvenirs of moments so I would never forget.  The amount of ticket stubs, old poloroids, fortune cookie slips and hand written diaries proved that I existed.

Then I realized that all of these things were a part of me.

They were in my DNA, in my memory, in the lines and curves of myself.


In truth, there is freedom.
In freedom, there is power and possibility.
In power and possibility, we can RISE.
And that is what this New Moon in Virgo is all about.

New Moon Questions for You:

What is in your DNA? What is the beautiful foundation of you that can never be taken away? Your sense of humor? Your love of stories? Your adventurous spirit? When you strip it all down to the core of you, the very bones of you….what do you find there – shining and strong AF?

* If you have a hard time answering the above question, think of complements you’ve received that you really took to heart about yourself…these complements that have rang true and you will never forget. There’s hints in them!

How can you build on this? How can you plant a seed with this energy of Virgo to have your truest things fully manifested?

Speaking of the truest things to manifest –

By popular demand, I’m launching a new retreat the weekend of October 21st AND
a brand new Parlour, 4 Week live magic circle starting Sunday, September 18th with how to crafting, easy and fun spells, how to create your own spells and the things every witch needs to know!

I want everyone who wants to attend to be able to, and that’s why payment plans are available for both. The Moon & The Mountain Retreat has 13 spaces, and the sisterhood is always FULL, so if this is calling you, come and take your beautiful place in the circle.

And no matter where you are in the world or what you are doing today, remember the New Moon advice and


Love you guys….


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