My Word for 2017. And Winter/Spring Schedule Revealed!

My wild raw unashamed self. Photo by Jordan Pardes.

Nice to meet you, 2017.

My magic word for this new year is:


Luscious adventure.  Luscious romance.  Luscious burlesque.  Luscious witchery.  Luscious deep connections with my magic girl gang.  Luscious guitar.  Luscious learning.   Luscious teaching. Luscious new horizons.  Luscious ritual.  Luscious howling at the moon.

Luscious Life.

I claim you.

I vow to move forward into the 365 days of this year, living that word with all of the truth and beauty and badass sass of my raw being.

You, my love, are my witness.

What is your magic word for this year?

What is something you want to claim proudly and attach to every single day that marks 2017?

Own it.

In all of the ups and downs of life, in the emotional adventure I have said yes to, in this life that I know I embrace with both hands and hold tightly, there will be triumphs and failures and joys and sorrows.
But I know even on my darkest days, I can live “luscious” because no matter what,

I allow myself to
feel it all.
Luscious is being fully present, feeling everything, communicating with the world, with emotions, with this life.

One of the things that makes me feel “Luscious” is when I’m teaching, when I’m sitting in a circle of women from all backgrounds, all experiences, from all over the world.

I feel luscious when I am conducting a ritual that was channeled from a dream, and I am ankle deep in a river in a tattered white Victorian dress, my hands held by sisters, our heads thrown back claiming our own power and magic.

My work with women in this world is fucking LUSCIOUS.
Journey with me.  Come get it.

Starting this Sunday, January 8th: 6 Week Online Beginner’s Tarot Course.

ALL ARE WELCOME. I teach live for an hour every Sunday, which you can join, or you can watch the videos at your own leisure and pace. Each week you will be sent the video of our lesson and a new chapter of the e-workbook. I will cover all of the cards during the 6 week class and help you attach your own personal story to each card so you will never forget the meanings again!  Payment Plans Accepted so all can attend who are called to the work.  Click the above link to see our weekly class schedule and join!

Starting Sunday, January 15th: Danger Dames Girl Gang – 5 Week Online Badass Circle

Come join 2017 with us and OWN IT with support, sisterhood, self-love, confidence, magic and slaying goals like we do!  Each week, our circle is live, and you get the video to watch at your leisure and at your own pace.  You do not need to be present at the live class to be a part of it.  I will be giving meditations, homework, goals, and projects to rock out to make this year all that you want it to be.  Plus, you get an e-workbook each week and support from our secret facebook group online.  Payment Plans Accepted so all can attend who are called to the work.  Click link above to see the weekly schedule and join!

February 17, 18, and 19th:  Venus Rising The Retreat in Historic/Creative Woodstock, NY at Magic House

Claim your own sacred sensuality and your divine feminine wild self in this magical weekend retreat.  Join a small group of 13 sisters as we dance under the stars around a bonfire, we take meditative hikes through the forest to ground us to the beauty of nature, we learn tantric and sex magic secrets of eye gazing, love worship, twin heart meditations, sensual dance, flow therapy, and body paint ritual.  We end the retreat with a Red Dress Ceremony and we will create a crystal grid, in which each woman will be able to adorn herself with and take home.  This retreat will sell out. Claim your spot with your first payment of a payment plan or sign up today. If you are called to do this work, we will make this happen.  Click link above to find out more.

March 30th – April 4th:  Radical Self Love Temple in Marrakech.

Spend an unforgettable week in enchanted Morocco with Gala Darling and Me!  Join us as we weave magic, self-love, and adventure in an exotic location.    Get reconnected with your divine self as Gala Darling leads self-love morning classes and I lead evening magic rituals.  I am thrilled to be a part of this adventure and hope you can join us!  Full details on Gala’s site, by clicking the link above!

Now that is LUSCIOUS.





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