My Honesty Pact With The Universe

On the night of the Full Moon, the sky opened in Brooklyn and the rain fell down. I was sorting though boxes of golden glitter fabric to decorate the altar at The House of Yes, and I hunched my body to stay under the roof, in an attempt to keep dry.  The rain splattered my ankles and my feet through my sandals and it felt good at the end of a hot day. Before I knew it, I was no longer hunched under the shelter, but standing tall under the open sky with my arms wide to embrace the rain. It was a wild baptism of sorts, with Mother Nature Herself, washing over me and cleaning my spirit as the moon hung up in the sky. I took this photo backstage moments later. Hair soaked, spirit washed clean. Moving into the truest version of me, after a ritual with the elements.

You know what I want for the future? I just want to keep peeling back the layers to be the truest form of me. Without fear of judgement, without obstacles or worry, I want to stand in my truest power to be the best person I can be, so that I can give back and make the world a better place. Through the driving rain and the dark of night, through all of it. And that is also my wish for you, brothers and sisters, you who are reading this post. If you choose to accept this mission, to live wildly, to move uncensored and raw in this world, to live in the truest form of you – say YES to what your gorgeous life can be, say YES to enter into this honesty pact with the Universe.

I believe in us.


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