28,000 Days on this Earth: My Wild Bucket List Ideas

The Things In A Life. It started with a google image search. I was searching for photos of my friend, Jo Weldon for this post on Monday, when I scrolled through to see all of the wild moments she’s lived so far, I thought….what an incredible life! The average person has 28,000 days on this […]


5 Weird and Wild Facts About New Orleans + a MIX TAPE!

I had a love affair with New Orleans the moment I stepped onto her old crooked cobblestone roads, saw the gaslights dance on a moody, starless night, got pulled into an old blues bar by the crying of a trombone. I’ve gone back there time and time again, performing on her stages, even carrying out […]


The Memory Collectors In a Foriegn Film Afterlife

I woke up bleary eyed this morning with no regrets. I played music with my friends and sang into the night until the moon moved towards shifting places with the sun in the sky. I woke up late not having anything written for the Danger Diary today. With songs swimming in my head and no […]


I Remember the First Time I….

experienced CARhenge. We were wild things living in a van. Everything was closed and no one was around for miles. And there it was… in the middle of corn fields and open sky. Carhenge. I have always dreamed of seeing Stonehenge, but it makes sense that this girl living out of a van, this scrappy […]


How To Change Someone’s Day: The Little Things and Their Big Impact

I’m a year into the Danger Diary. And I’m going to break some of my own rules. I commit to being here with you every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I love Magic Monday, How To Tuesday and Things I Think About Thursday, but I want to liberate myself from the idea that I have to […]