On My Birthday, A Special Letter/Wish To YOU.

Today is my life anniversary. Hell to the yes. And when I look at the things I’m most grateful for…. YOU are on that list. The above picture was taken after a very long trip from NYC to South America.  I had grabbed my luggage and heard banging from above.  I looked up and there […]


Top 12 Date Night Movies of ALL TIME (for Freaks)

Punk Rock. Kink. Spirits. Showgirls. Video Games. Rock and Roll. Writing. Bank Robberies. It’s how I showed him I loved him. Broke and curled up on his couch in college, we would use movies to express what we were about, what we were into. We would take turns picking them… carefully selecting what we wanted […]


Terry Richardson and 7 Tricks Manipulators Will Use To Get You To Do Anything

I had planned on writing about something else today, but when I saw the new allegations against photographer, Terry Richardson, from yet another model, I knew exactly what I needed to talk about. I’ve never told this story before because I was embarrassed. I was lucky and got out of a bad situation, and I […]


10 Weird, Wild, Heartbreaking and Surprising Things About Me.

Hello, Lovers! The Danger Diary is almost sweet 16 months old! We have a full-on relationship going now. Some of you might be new, and some of you might be hardcores who were there at the very first post… but I thought it would be fun to play a game with you. Here’s 10 things […]


Vintage Bohemian Style: How to Accessorize for Under $5.

I love a good challenge. My mission: to make a vintage accessorized look for less than $5. This is what I found at my local thrift store’s jewelry ‘junk’ drawer: ♥  Broken Faux Pearl Necklace: 75 cents ♥  One clip-on earring (other one missing): free ♥  Bronze chain: $1.50 ♥  Costume jewelry rings that don’t […]