Join US! International Valentine Exchange with Revolverlution!

Valentine’s Day can be a lame holiday. And we want to make it kickass! So – me, Lady Cyanide and White Rabbit Days started a new Revolverlution project: International Valentine Exchange. Want in? It’s easy! 1. Send your name and mailing address into by January 31, 2014. 2. You will receive your secret person […]


A Hide and Seek Gambling Adventure aka How NOT to Make Life Boring

Me + Coffee. + Noticing Coffee House Free Lending Library Selection…. + Being caffeinated enough to start focusing + Noticing the book at the very bottom. + Thinking that I should write a book called: Veronica’s Rules of Disorder. + Realizing I had $2 of crumpled bills in my pocket. + Running next door to […]


3 Challenges to Live Wild in 2014 with FREE Song Download

Have you ever felt like you missed out on so much because you were afraid to try? Have you ever felt like you wasted so much time trying to be perfect and then nothing ever got done? Or is that just me? I made up a little guide for me to follow to make 2014 […]


My Glamour Superstar Inspiration: Candy Darling

You asked me who my glamour inspirations are and as I’m about to create my own badass gang of inspiration for 2014 – this superstar goddess came to my mind. Delving into her diary…I found her secret words to charge up her confidence…and I don’t think she’d mind a bit if I dished them to […]