The Parlour and Seeing Into Your Future

The candles are being lit. The tea is being brewed. The cards are about to whisper their stories to you… THIS Thursday in New York City and This Saturday online EVERYWHERE The Parlour is coming! I can’t wait to share with you. I’ll be sending off secret emails in the next 24 hours to those […]


Your Tarot Horoscope for April 2014 (Picture Post)!

My Wild Unknown tarot cards have been my constant companions in the last month. I’ve roamed the city through subways, buses, taxis and on foot- to sit across from people and read. I’ve Skyped and read as far off as Australia, Japan, London and Mexico this month. At 5am this morning, I was wide awake […]


How To Make A Tough Decision with 1 Easy Tip

Two different roads are laid out before you. ↔  Maybe you’re struggling between taking a new chance in life vs. staying where you’re really comfortable and happy? ↔  Maybe you’re torn between continuing in a relationship that’s familiar and safe vs. venturing out on your own? ↔  Maybe you are battling between deciding if school […]