The Magic of Spontaneous Road Trips to Meet The Ghosts of the Past

A snapshot of my life. In a matter of months…. My Grandma Helen and my Grandpa Warren, had passed away. My parents were in the middle of a messy divorce. And it was 2 days before Christmas. My Dad and I were in the living room, staring at our Christmas tree. He spoke first: “This […]


Magic Monday: Things My Grandma Told Me by the Lagoon

She was born on January 6, 1929. That girl child was “born with the veil”. Folklore that stretches from old Europe to the Louisiana bayou will tell you that a child born with a veil will have the ability to hear and see spirits, and has the gift to foresee the future. That child of […]


Magic Monday: Talking with the Spirits… on an iPhone

I know what you’re probably thinking…. I’d like to see the astronomical rates on that plan. I will explain all.  I promise. The idea for this post started when I snapped this picture of me backstage in the wee hours of Sunday morning at The Slipper Room.  After it went up online, I got two […]