Video Post: How to Make Your Own Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps!

Because you’re punk rock and you have better things to do with your time then water some plants. I made my first “How To” vlog for YOU. Go make one, then roll in the gutter for me. And if you want other fun ideas, check out my 5 design ideas for under $15. What future […]


4 Daring Questions to Ask Yourself to Leap Into MARCH FORTH!

When I was little, my Grandma Helen used to tell me that March 4th was a special holiday for us to “march forth” into a brand new adventure. This is one of my favorite personal holidays and an invitation to try something new. In the past, I spun fire for the first time on March […]


How To Deal With Valentine’s Day – How Not TO Murder Anyone, Cry or Feel Useless.

Valentine’s Day brings out a lot of emotions – and not all of them good. Here’s my survival guide to keep you positive and loving life on February 14: ♥ If You’re Single:  Time to go renegade and take the reigns back on this mutha effin’ holiday. Single and 17, I was pissed when Valentine’s […]


3 MUST HAVE Tips To Live The Good Life in 2014 From Our Lady J!

One Word: Confidence. I took to my Facebook page to ask you what you wanted to know about and over and over – confidence came up. We just moved into the Lunar New Year on January 31st – the Year of the Horse. If I could give you any message – it is: “Time to […]


3 Challenges to Live Wild in 2014 with FREE Song Download

Have you ever felt like you missed out on so much because you were afraid to try? Have you ever felt like you wasted so much time trying to be perfect and then nothing ever got done? Or is that just me? I made up a little guide for me to follow to make 2014 […]