Shailene Woodley and When Feminism Became the “F Word”

What does a feminist look like? This bitch. And I say that word with power and respect, as I have learned over the course of my life, that in key moments, when I have taken charge or stood up for myself, it has occasionally been what I’ve been called. Do you know what I mean? […]


Video Post: How to Make Your Own Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps!

Because you’re punk rock and you have better things to do with your time then water some plants. I made my first “How To” vlog for YOU. Go make one, then roll in the gutter for me. And if you want other fun ideas, check out my 5 design ideas for under $15. What future […]


5 Design Ideas Under $15 to Make Your Space Kickass

One time I threw everything away. Everything. Emilie came to stay with me and my Living Room consisted of a purple rug. We had a picnic on it. And I slowly started adding things that were me. Here’s the 5 design additions I love at my place, all under $15… that I know you’ll love, […]


Your Inner Rockstar – How To Be Your Most Badass Self

This morning, sitting on in my little kitchen garden in NYC, I pulled a card for you and for this post: The Magician came up. The message I’m supposed to give you is: You have EVERYTHING you need in front of you. ♥  Wanna channel that inner rock star version of you? ♥  Wanna draw […]


Dare To Do Something New: 21 Ways to Make Yourself Uncomfortable

When Jeff Stark asked me to do it, I felt a little nervous and even more uncomfortable. I said yes. And last Saturday night, I played my own original song on guitar and sang for a gathering of 40 artists. For the first time. Let’s think about this. When you look back on your life…think […]