How To Become the Person You Want To Be In 2014.

You are the author of your own story. Yes. And there will be obstacles and plot twists thrown in by life, but you are the hero. Know that. We’ve done this before together. But I needed it for this new year…and I put a new spin on it. Wanna work some mojo with me? 9 […]


Why I Didn’t Walk In Front of a City Bus.

When the cards want to tell me a story, they tend to shout. This is the story that has been appearing with my last four pulls: The Six of Pentacles is the charity card of the deck. There are questions behind the cards. This one asks: What can I do to make the world a […]


5 Magic Ways to Stir Up Inspiration in 2014

It is after midnight. Rain makes music on a crooked roof. I am lying in a wooden bed from the 1800s in a blue slip from the 1940s in the dark with you. There are words waiting to move across this white page and stories that haven’t been told yet. Ideas that haven’t even been […]


A Wish in A Bottle, A Wish in the Snow.

In the Northern Hemisphere….the Darkest Days are here. And I’m taking full advantage of those longer nights. Let’s party! Last year, I wrote about creating new holiday traditions and this year, our wish bottle tradition continued on our tree. As I type this, the tree is right in front of me, and 23 bottles of […]


Magic Monday: Dreaming with Trees

In my dream, I found myself in a forest. There was a heavy mist all around and a river that ran through it. Lauren showed up. She was carrying tiny twigs she found from the trees and twine. In waking life, she draws magic doodles that come true. In this dream life, she was showing […]