How To Beat Social Anxiety – 4 Real Life Tips.

I jumped a life hurdle for me on Saturday night: I went back to the club that I used to go every weekend with my best friend, Jeff, for the very first time since he passed away. I was on a mission. I had to do it alone. I always want to share with you […]


How To Tuesday: Six Tips to Smash Writer’s Block

In the next 48 hours, my book proposal will be finished. Every single thing that I experience I look to for possible inspiration. A possible chapter. A mini-story within a chapter.  I have had to move on a deadline, scrawling thousands of words on a page by the day.  And all the while, I need […]


The Day The Muses Showed Me The Map.

Here.  I promised you the bones.  The Filthy and the Gorgeous.  The Lowly and the Divine.   The Mountains and the Valleys of the Soul. I write to you from a valley.    I am not ashamed to be here.  It just is.  It is part of this journey.  An obstacle on a life map.  Clutching […]


When I Met Breakdown Pony

I woke up this morning and put on a black lace bra that a girl threw at me on stage. I put on a tiara that a girl gave me on tour. I needed them today. I could tell. Little medals to keep me moving. Things that symbolize the good days, the good things. When […]