Things I Think About Thursday: Wild and 15.

“I’m fifteen, definitely,” I said as an answer to her question. We were having tea on a snowy day, when my friend Babs asked me what my perfect age was, how old I felt. And I thought about it…. How old would you think you are, if say, you woke up with amnesia and there […]


The 3 Most Erotic Places To Touch Someone With Your Clothes Still On

  You. Yeah, you. Don’t think that I don’t see the page views soar through the roof here when I give some sassy tips. You naughty thing. Well, I’ll indulge you.  Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day.  And I know exactly what you want. I have schemes AND scientific backup.  Damn. Ready to be schooled? ♥  […]


A Few of My Favorite Things

****Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Guys. I think I’m a blogger. I have spent the last 14 months writing 3 times a week and spent 15 hours a week working on the Danger Diary. This is a serious relationship. Thank you for being here with me every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We should get married […]


How To Change A Stranger’s Day with Three Words.

I was ready for an adventure. The sun was streaming through the trees. In the forest that I walk, there is a large heart shaped rock and the bottom point of the heart points home. At the heart rock, that is where the trail breaks off into three different trails to choose…. I closed my […]


30 Minute Coffee House Date – Who Do You Pick?

I have a question for you. Her eyebrows raised…“It’s hard not to go directly to thinking about past lovers,” she said. “Agreed,” he said. “But then there’s people you just want to get forgiveness from, or people you fell out of touch with that you just really want to say hello to again. Those would […]