The Day of All Days in my Wild Love Affair

I had this journal. It was green and velvet. I wrote an adventure in it about this boy that I was falling in love with. One night, when it was late and I was crazy and not thinking I showed him the green velvet diary. He said I was a great writer. He loved the […]


Annual “Eff it” Part Two

I heralded in 2014 howling at the moon under the stars in a field of sparkling crystal snow. My altars decorated – filled with intention and candles. My space cleaned and organized – ready to take 2014 on in a focused storm. My gratitude lists made, my dreams for the New Year outlined, a plan […]


Things I Think About Thursday: When I Was An Outlaw.

My heart was beating out of my chest. The mafia was involved now. Bad decisions were being made. My hands found themselves clutching the arms of the chair. The credits rolled and I blinked being thrust back into reality. My eyes were blurry with another world, another life. The other people that just got out […]


Things I Think About Thursdays: Indie Shopping Guide!

It’s that time of year again! Last night, I watched the city from the airplane window….a billion twinkling lights sparkling. What a welcome home celebration after a month long tour away! This morning I woke up early, put on the Christmas music and started crafting more goodies for the grand re-opening of Danger Dame today! […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Dream Job in Old Town

As we cross the country on the tour bus, the snow falls down and we pass by main streets of towns with holiday lights in trees. We trudge through snow banks to explore some towns we’ve never been to before – and some towns that we have been to. We seek out the local coffeehouses […]