Things I Think About Thursday: Pushing Boundaries in a Badass Way

Sid Vicious raises his glass of milk and winks because…….. I’ve written in the Danger Diaries for 7 months straight! …and he thinks that’s pretty punk rock. It was a secret goal. Something to push beyond my boundaries. I was craving a little “shake up” if you know what I mean. Seven months ago, I […]


Things I Think About Thursday: A Stranger with a Ukelele

“Are you getting married?” She was standing two feet away from me, behind a picket fence. I was eating ice cream with Contessa. She was passing by with a friend. The white flower crown I was wearing prompted her question. “No. I made a challenge to myself to say “I Do” to new adventures in […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Midnight Adventures and the Myths of Growing Up

My text binged late last night. “Whatcha doing?” My fingers were covered in purple wax drippings, my magic bottles sealed and corked in front of me.  The pretty chains to turn them into necklaces crafted next to them. “15 minutes.  That’s it.  I swear.” I opened my door and there she stood…. Kim Boekbinder. Her […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Walking the Tight Rope of Your Ultimate Dream

Why the eff do we put off our ultimate dreams? Because the risks are so very high. Because the success vs. failure rate for our dream could have the ability to make or break as people. In the past four days, two of my friends, Flambeaux and Miss Gemini achieved their final goals in nail […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Friendship Bonded by Fire

I never know what I’ll write here.  I wait until I wake up on Thursday morning – and I write honestly about what’s on my mind that day.  This was my first thought this morning: Abby and Flambeaux. I had heard about them because we ran in the same performance circles in New York City. […]