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Terry Richardson and the 7 Tricks that Sexual Predators Use.

Regarding the news that just recently came out about the recent ban of Terry Richardson  and the power of the #metoo movement as the result of the Harvey Weinstein atrocities, I am rehashing this article I wrote 3 years ago about sexual manipulators in the Entertainment Business and my own story in dealing with one. I’ve […]


My Word for 2017. And Winter/Spring Schedule Revealed!

Nice to meet you, 2017. My magic word for this new year is: LUSCIOUS. Luscious adventure.  Luscious romance.  Luscious burlesque.  Luscious witchery.  Luscious deep connections with my magic girl gang.  Luscious guitar.  Luscious learning.   Luscious teaching. Luscious new horizons.  Luscious ritual.  Luscious howling at the moon. Luscious Life. I claim you. I vow to […]