Go-Go Licious with The Devilettes!

Life of a Love Witch


Go-Go Licious with The Devilettes!

Feast your eyes on these Dangerous Dames. Behold San Francisco’s Go-Go Sweethearts…. the Devil-ettes! The vampy campy vixen in the top row middle is none other than my San Fran Sis, Miss Alex. This lil’ siren is a ball of fire and I’m proud to know her! I mean, look at this picture, will ya? […]


Selling my Soul…Cheap!…on Ebay!

Me, three years ago…doing my very first picture for ebay. It cracks me up. Look how short my hair is…and what the hell am I doing even trying to do “natural” looking makeup? This was my first step into becoming an entrepreneur, as the bidding started at a mere 9 bucks and jumped up to […]


In Sickness and In Health

I was a very sick girl. Strep throat. I know. I let you down. You want to break up with me. You want to leave me for someone who posts in their journal everyday. The tail end of the strep throat action was not bad…as my voice was even huskier and I took to putting […]