Happy Birthday, Z!

Life of a Love Witch


Happy Birthday, Z!

Zina Brown, the second we stumbled into each other’s lives, I knew we would be friends forever. And on this happy anniversary of the day you were born, I wish you beautiful journeys, may your free-spirited heart never cease throwing off such powerful light, and may your dreams continue to come to life springing brighter […]


Kiss My Pretty Scars

Okay, so I’m finally ready to talk about it. I’ve shared my cupcakes with you, I might as well share my scars. Bring on the gory details! For those of you who don’t know…on December 28th I was attacked by a big angry rottweiler while I was volunteering at a local animal shelter. He grabbed […]


Cupcake, anyone?

Okay…so I’ve never made cupcakes before. This is my triumphant picture of making cupcakes with an oven that just switches either on or off. Which means the temperature just rises and rises and once it gets to a certain point I just have to switch it off and open the door to bring the temperature […]


Happy Birthday, Beautiful

My darling Miss Cynthia… We have officially been sister-friends for half of our lives (and we’ve been all the more fabulous because of it!) Wishing you sunshine and parasols, enchanted forests, castles with vines, and deer running everywhere. I love you, Glitter Girl. Happy Birthday!