Revolver WINS!!

Life of a Love Witch


The Golden Trailer Awards!

It is my giddy, happy, wonderful, and delirious pleasure to announce that Revolver has been nominated for the “Best Trailer, No Movie” category of the Golden Trailer Awards in LA. I’ve gotten so many supportive emails from many of you regarding the film. Thanks so much because it’s those emails that encourage us and keep […]


Which way is Home?

Trains. Timetables, suitcases, folded over old maps. The old golden clock from the turn of the century in the great hall of Grand Central Station. The meeting place for so many over so many years. Suitcases and dreams. Twice a day, my heels click down the marble staircase into the hall. People moving and dancing […]


Wander with Me

It’s late. And sleep is permeating my room. I closed the door, locked it even. But it came in through the cracks underneath…through the keyhole… And it’s spell has taken hold of me. Lulling me. So for these last few seconds of this day…i have the whispers of waiting dreams in my ear. And all […]