Get your Rabbit Ears on.

Life of a Love Witch


Get your Rabbit Ears on.

Listen up, all you sassy kittens and kats… It’s the Summertime…and you know you’re looking for some good records to throw on that are just as fiery as you’re feeling. Well, well, well…you gotta see what I stumbled across… This sexy, bluesy song just makes me wanna dance in a 1950s pin-up girdle on a […]


Let Me Make You Forget About Time

(Getting touched up moments before the high speed chase scene through the old junk yard.) I want to share the story with you so badly. I want to take you from wherever you are and bring you here. Into this world of Revolver with me. So, I’m going to be posting pictures from the shoot […]


How Much Do I *Heart* My New Diary?

And how much do I *heart* this girl? The re*vamp*ing of this Danger Diary that has made me want to start actually using it again was made possible by the darling Miss Anna. I was complaining to her about how my old diary was scrambling everything in a mish-mosh, how the entries were all over […]


Fasten Your Seatbelts

On the way home from Vegas. Top things that happened on the trip that I will never forget til the day I die (in order): 1. Getting goosebumps in the airport coming into Vegas with the sounds of the slot machines clicking and ringing and singing and winning. 2. Seeing the famous old “Welcome to […]



I can’t even believe that I’m sharing this ridiculous picture. I went to LA for the first time and I was a complete tourist. But look how giddy happy I am. Well that, and it’s the day after we won the award (which I proudly brought out of the rental car for this pic 🙂 […]