Wander with Me

Life of a Love Witch


Wander with Me

It’s late. And sleep is permeating my room. I closed the door, locked it even. But it came in through the cracks underneath…through the keyhole… And it’s spell has taken hold of me. Lulling me. So for these last few seconds of this day…i have the whispers of waiting dreams in my ear. And all […]


Help is on the Way

I apologize that I haven’t posted much in my journal lately. For those of you who don’t already know…I was attacked in the face by a very angry rottweiler. Everything is going to be fine…but that’s my excuse for not writing…”the dog ate my homework” if you will…. I do promise to be on my […]


Dangerous Dames of the World UNITE :-)!

I got this gorgeous photo from my friends in the Netherlands vamping internationally in their DangerDame attire! Featuring the sexy lil kittens…Petra and Eline! ME-OW! …Look out world, our numbers are growing! In the next month there will be a section on the site reserved for all you pin-up girls out there modeling the hot […]


Lost Picture and Blue Eyeshadow

First of all…thank you so much for writing sweet letters about Greta. It made me happy…she thanks you and so do I. This was me when I was a traveling gypsy…. My Mom dug this old picture up when she read World Domination and Go-Go Boots (my first dangerdiary entry), so that I could share […]