4 HOURS and 53 MINUTES!!!

Life of a Love Witch


4 HOURS and 53 MINUTES!!!

Of hula hooping fun! Non-Stop! I got my brand new handmade double helix hula in the mail yesterday. When I went to pick it up from the post office…it had just priority mail envelopes wrapped around its tube and taped down. So you could even hula it like that. The mail guy probably did. I […]


Snowy Day

It took me by surprise…all of a sudden snow flurries flying across the window! I get kind of all little kid-ish with snow. Giddy. Impractical even…as I immediately cleared all the plants off the windowsill so I could climb out to my fire escape and revel in it all. In a little short sleeve dress. […]


Who Needs Boys When You Got a Hula??

While waiting for water to boil for dinner tonight…I flipped on the radio and was overwhelmed with the need to hula. It happens. I grabbed my hot pink hula and sang along with the radio. I made myself giggle outloud. I’ve been hula hooping since I was 14 and have won numerous contests for longest […]


Vinyl Go-Go Boots and World Domination

The most coveted thing on earth to me were these white vinyl go-go boots. Zip up side. Super shiny. I was seven. Everyone came to my house to play dress up. My mom’s castaways were pretty damn good. And I shared everything…except the boots. Touch the boots and you’re gonna get hurt. Somewhere…on the face […]