Until We Meet Again, Little One…..

Life of a Love Witch


Wish You Were Here….

“Revolver.” My love. My film dream. It’s the thing that’s made me most happy in life… feeling carefree and totally alive going crosscountry hanging out of a 62′ Chevy pickup with the wind in my hair snapping poloroids. Robbing convenience stores. Jumping on divey motel beds and giggling…. I will make you forget all about […]


Tonight We Fly….

Tonight I got bundled up in my pink fuzzy things and got on my bike to go see my next door neighbor’s art. I was all alone in the gallery and it was the perfect way to see it. Taking my time to look over all the little details of each painting. Her name is […]


A Very Dangerous Dame…

The beautiful creature you are looking at is none other than my dear childhood friend, Cynthia Gralla. Cynthia and I grew up together in a faerie tale castle decorated in vines in a land far far away. We spent our days weaving dreams of who we would become next… …mysterious cat-like girls who crawled the […]


Blissed Out Feverish Dreams

“Did you hear about the thirty second shift in time?” she asked me. “no.” “Well, this really bizarre thing happened with a shift in the earth’s axis which caused all these small pockets of 30 seconds of time. So that means that when you get to one of these pockets…you either hesitate and waste the […]