Snowy Day

Life of a Love Witch


Snowy Day

It took me by surprise…all of a sudden snow flurries flying across the window! I get kind of all little kid-ish with snow. Giddy. Impractical even…as I immediately cleared all the plants off the windowsill so I could climb out to my fire escape and revel in it all. In a little short sleeve dress. […]


Who Needs Boys When You Got a Hula??

While waiting for water to boil for dinner tonight…I flipped on the radio and was overwhelmed with the need to hula. It happens. I grabbed my hot pink hula and sang along with the radio. I made myself giggle outloud. I’ve been hula hooping since I was 14 and have won numerous contests for longest […]


Vinyl Go-Go Boots and World Domination

The most coveted thing on earth to me were these white vinyl go-go boots. Zip up side. Super shiny. I was seven. Everyone came to my house to play dress up. My mom’s castaways were pretty damn good. And I shared everything…except the boots. Touch the boots and you’re gonna get hurt. Somewhere…on the face […]