Your New Year Tarot Horoscope for January 2016 (VIDEO!)

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Your New Year Tarot Horoscope for January 2016 (VIDEO!)

2016 – Makin’ Me Feel Like……. Happy New Year, My Darlings! Let’s launch forth into a kickass new year and knock down the walls, fuck the obstacles and be our truest, wild selves. Time to name it and claim it. What do you want to create?  How do you want to write the story of […]


The Moon, The Tarot, The Dreams and The Woods: Danger Diary Updates

My Danger Darlings… An update. I have been getting my life, honey. The moon is almost full and it stirs our wildness deeper. It is time to throw our heads back and howl. Time to throw our shoes off and get our bare feet in the mud and live and live and live. I have […]


Advice Vlog – Dear Danger: “I Am In Love With My Boss!”

Happy New Moon In Leo! Today is a perfect day to plant the seeds for new beginnings (for more info on today’s new moon, check out my witch sister, Gala Darling‘s blog). There are SO MANY NEW things going on over here, People. MAGIC! LOVE! TAROT! TOUR BUS!!!! Yesterday, I announced The Parlour ONLINE Beginner […]


Dear Danger: “I Am Invisible-Help!” Advice Vlog

This question really struck a chord in me because I think many of us have felt the same way…. I hope this helps you guys – and if you love it, please share or RT. Have a great weekend!


Treasure Hunts & How To Spark Your Wild Imagination.

Within the last 48 hours, I was lying on my Brooklyn rooftop….. *sighing* The city was lit around me. The Mother of the City, The Empire State Building, was glistening in white. The moon was hanging in the sky, growing to full. And while I normally notice these things, I just couldn’t see it. I was […]