3 Ways To Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative

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3 Ways To Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative

Only 1 in 4 people feel like they are living up to their creative potential, yet the majority of people believe that being creative is a main factor present in a life of happiness and success, according to a study done by the Counsel for Advancement and Support of Education. Do you give yourself permission to […]


Your June 2015 Danger Diary Tarot Horoscopes (VIDEO!)

Hello My Magic Darlings….My Sweet Danger Addicts… The Full Moon last night over New York City compelled me to do something new. So this month, I made mini-videos for each one of your signs. I wanted to bring you into the magic of the Red Room and whisper to you all the secrets of the […]


How To Work Full Moon Magic

Last night in New York City, while lightning streaked across the sky and the rain sanctified the streets – I slept naked with three roses nestled between my breasts. It was my beckoning to Her. She who raises the dance in my body for burlesque, She who stirs and stokes the fire in the center […]


The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made While Going After My Dreams

Mistake #1: I Believed That Only People With Money Could Succeed. And that thinking sidetracked THE FUCK out of me. I would constantly tell myself…”Well,I’d love to dedicate time for my dreams, but I’m too busy spending 50 hours in a dumb job making the rent.” I got stuck in the soul crushing Loop of […]


How To Get Wildly Inspired.

With the Empire State Building as our witness, and the tides singing their East River song against the pier where we sat, Gala Darling and I sat in the sunshine brainstorming for our wild magic futures. Why am I telling you this? Because the number one reason that people stumble onto Danger Diary, is because […]