The New York Times, Death and a Latte.

Life of a Love Witch


The New York Times, Death and a Latte.

Today started with Mick Jagger singing “Emotional Rescue” at 7:45am. By 8am, the spot where I parked my car in the wee hours of this morning, was no longer legal. I purposely parked there because the possibility of a $65 ticket will roust me from bed when nothing else will. By 8:20am, I was sitting […]


My Street Story: I Love Brooklyn. (Picture Post)

The shadows of trees waved on pavement. A rose petal from my notebook escaped and skipped down the avenue. Reflections of bicycles zipped past like ghosts. A golden sun came closer to see it all. We all have a story to tell… Where do you live? How do you see it? What are your reflections […]


The Secrets Of Spring You NEED TO KNOW.

I was born in the Springtime. And every year, when the vibrant blossoms bloom from what was a bare skeleton of a branch, I am reminded that I can do the same. The one thing that I know from a childhood of growing up among magic and myths… was that we can use the seasons […]


Danger Diary May 2015 Tarot Horoscopes

My beautiful friend, Teya, gifted me with this beautiful 100 year old fortune telling cup for my birthday, and I wanted to share its beauty with you. It’s officially Springtime in NYC and so much is blossoming here – I will be announcing a brand new series of classes….stay tuned for all the details on […]


Let’s Get This Party Started: Unique Birthday Rituals!

It is after midnight in New York City, the Empire State Building is pure white like a sparkling diamond and it is my BIRTHDAY! What a fantastic year of adventure it has been… thank you for coming along this wild ride with me. I’ve got two unique birthday rituals that I made up and that […]