How To Tuesday: How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You.

Life of a Love Witch


How To Tuesday: How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You.

It started, as most things do, with a conversation. I had a hot Skype date with Ariadne last week who won by leaving a comment in this post. We wore our flower crowns together, gushed over each other’s rooms, I showed her the Empire State Building out of my window at nighttime, and we asked […]


Magic Monday: Curious and Curiouser

Dicie found a domino in the dirt. The ground keeps pieces of my old house, and every once in awhile, now that it’s Spring and the ground is thawing, it will push tiny memories up to the surface. There was the number six on its face. And six of us randomly gathered – sleeping on […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Friendship Bonded by Fire

I never know what I’ll write here.  I wait until I wake up on Thursday morning – and I write honestly about what’s on my mind that day.  This was my first thought this morning: Abby and Flambeaux. I had heard about them because we ran in the same performance circles in New York City. […]


How To Tuesday: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.

The pink tissue paper, black ribbons and postage stamps are flying over here as I’m scrambling to get all orders out within the next 72 hours. I am rocking some super magic crafting on my handmade necklaces (thanks for being awesome, guys!)  On this beautiful Tuesday in Brooklyn that feels like Summer, this How To […]


Magic Monday: A Potion to Bewitch Your Boards

This is in the center of our new home: The place where we lay our heads down to dream each night is an important space.   It’s our little nest that we carved out in the world – whether it’s a room, an apartment, a tent, a hotel room, a house, a boat or a tour […]