Bruce Jenner, Transgender and Why This Relates To All of Us

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Bruce Jenner, Transgender and Why This Relates To All of Us

The most courageous thing that we can do, is be our true selves. After last night’s incredibly moving interview with Bruce Jenner, one thing she said really hit home for me: “We still identify as female…and that’s very hard for Bruce Jenner to say….and because why? I don’t want to disappoint people.” Bruce Jenner held […]


My House Burned To the Ground 4 Years Ago: 3 Tips To Get Through Tough Times.

Our Enchanted Cottage on our Wedding Day: Our Cottage 4 years ago today: My soul felt like the above picture for months. I was just as destroyed on the inside as my home was. Here are 3 things which had to happen for us to make it through. And they might help you when you’re […]


How To Not Die Of Boredom: 3 Solid Tips!

Right now, before you do anything else….. check the last 5 statuses you’ve put out to the world on Facebook or Twitter. What do you see? Now tell me…if you didn’t know you….would you want to hang out with you based on what you’re putting out there? Would you think you were an exciting or […]


The Epidemic of Domestic Violence: What To Do and How To Create A Safety Plan.

Today is Youth Homelessness Matters Day…and I’m so very proud to have guest blogger, Sarah from the We See Magic blog, return to the Danger Diary to share her tips and experience as a former homeless teen. Using knowledge and inner courage, we can take our power back, and also help others. Sarah has done both. If you know […]


How Would You Respond?

I am a curious thing. If you have spent any time with me in real life, or if you’ve ever taken a class with me… then you know, that asking questions is MY JAM. And I’m not talking about what you think about the weather questions. I like to dig. When the New York Times […]