The Epidemic of Domestic Violence: What To Do and How To Create A Safety Plan.

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The Epidemic of Domestic Violence: What To Do and How To Create A Safety Plan.

Today is Youth Homelessness Matters Day…and I’m so very proud to have guest blogger, Sarah from the We See Magic blog, return to the Danger Diary to share her tips and experience as a former homeless teen. Using knowledge and inner courage, we can take our power back, and also help others. Sarah has done both. If you know […]


How Would You Respond?

I am a curious thing. If you have spent any time with me in real life, or if you’ve ever taken a class with me… then you know, that asking questions is MY JAM. And I’m not talking about what you think about the weather questions. I like to dig. When the New York Times […]


How To Get Your Life Back On Track….And Be The Hero Of the Story.

Behold!  Everything you ever needed to know about life explained by these Choose Your Own Adventure books. (What in the tripped out cartoon hell is going on in this cover?) Ah, the gems hidden in these pages. If you aren’t familiar with them, this is what happens…. The book starts and gives you a little […]


STAY TRUE: How To Deal With Being Different.

I was going to a party so I got dressed up like this. Afterwards, my friends and I left and went to a bar together. As soon as we walked in, the female bartender grabbed the male bartender by the wrist and they stood there behind the bar, obviously whispering and talking shit about us. We […]


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, My Darling Danger Addicts! What a wild and gorgeous week is waiting for us….. this wild girl is getting the last of my business taxes in and having a wild shipping party at the post office. Come back tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday for your fill of Danger Diary posts this week. We’ve got […]