What I Wrote With A Stolen Pen and A Pad From A Dive Motel.

8,472 miles in 30 days. My body hums with the music of the road even when I’m still. As I’m writing this it is close to 4am. I sit in the corner of a truck stop laundry room. Hoodie up. Legs tucked under me to keep warm. The payphone on the wall is my only […]


Adventure Blog: Share Your Adventure Story.

Two times now. Fever dreams have brought me to this place. This cloud dotted landscape of mind. The black-eyed susans coming to meet this story of the wild road and open sky. 14 days from now the adventure begins. The abandoned. The ghosts. The hiding places. The secret turns and twists in the road. I […]


How To Turn Any Day Into An Adventure: Quotes from the Road

Sundown in the Wild, Wild West on the Road. “I never use the word ‘bored.’ Every day I wake up is another chance for an adventure. I never take anything for granted.” – Beau I took this picture of Beau in New Mexico next to the courthouse where Billy the Kid was tried. Beau and […]