Behind the Scenes: Warped Tour and My Wild Life (in Pictures)

Circus tent stakes being driven into fields with a borrowed sledgehammer. Heat. Rope pulling it all together. Sequined costumes. Hand sewed lace stitched on the fortune teller’s dress… with every stitch a wish. Heat. Loud Music. Bodies on top of crowds moving to the roar. Laying in the grass under a trailer for shade. Wet […]


Let’s Play A Game: A Picture and a Wild Rock and Roll Life Tour Story

Let’s play some Thursday show and tell. Yes? Here’s the rules. Pick a random photo. Tell a short story about that photo. It doesn’t have to exciting. It’s just a slice of your life… I found this above backstage picture in one of my folders. And there’s always a story……. Here’s a never before seen […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Tour Time Questions From YOU.

I’ve been running around the world with these girls lately…. In the past week, we’ve been through England, Scotland, and Holland…and one of my favorite sights to see is YOU: I love getting a chance to meet you and talk to you – and on my Twitter last week, Mauricio Oyarzo from Chile asked me […]


How to Rock Badass Beauty and Health On-The-Go

I’m kind of a gutter boy among a bunch of lovely ladies on tour. I wake up in yesterday’s makeup. The foot of my bunk is decorated with bras that girls have thrown at me on stage, letters with their lipstick prints are taped to the wall. When the Captain is looking for healthy food […]


How To Turn Any Day Into An Adventure: Quotes from the Road

Sundown in the Wild, Wild West on the Road. “I never use the word ‘bored.’ Every day I wake up is another chance for an adventure. I never take anything for granted.” – Beau I took this picture of Beau in New Mexico next to the courthouse where Billy the Kid was tried. Beau and […]