How To Get Wildly Inspired.

With the Empire State Building as our witness, and the tides singing their East River song against the pier where we sat, Gala Darling and I sat in the sunshine brainstorming for our wild magic futures. Why am I telling you this? Because the number one reason that people stumble onto Danger Diary, is because […]


Andy Warhol and 6 Ways To Create Your Own Artistic Community

Andy Warhol rocking an old school selfie with the Factory. Part of my love affair with New York started when I was 1,200 miles away, in Florida, looking at old black and white photos of Andy Warhol and the community he created. Yes, Warhol was an artist and a pioneer of pop art, but what […]


5 Tips To Keep Fighting For Your Dreams When You Want To Give Up

Dear Danger, How do I keep fighting for my dreams when I feel like giving up? Love, L I know what it’s like…. I’ve felt the odds against me. I’ve felt like I couldn’t get it right no matter how hard I tried. But I keep swinging because all of my greatest heroes were once […]